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Benefits of training with ELEYSP

Are you thinking about teacher training but not sure what you will gain by signing up with ELEYSP?

Find out more below.

“For the last 6 years, I've been able to progress professionally due to the fact that Kaizen have a strong belief in supporting and guiding all members of staff to further progress in their careers and help them to meet their professional goals. I have been able to do this all whilst going through personal life changes such as having children because trust and commitment have been present from both Kaizen leadership team and myself. 
Further developing my qualifications and experience has enabled me to become a confident and capable teacher and I look forward to what my future at Kaizen and the next steps in my teaching and leadership career brings.”

Cassie Bagan, Teacher and developing leader at Kaizen Primary

ELEYSP support you to determine and fulfil a career pathway

ELEYSP support you to:

  • Explore and talk about your own career pathway to determine where teaching might take you, both throughout and after your training
  • Take advantage of a range of experiences in good and outstanding schools that will enable you to achieve your career aspirations
  • Decide what type of home school would be best for you - PGCE
  • Provide a sponsoring school for you to complete your studies
  • We can work with your sponsoring school whether they are from a member of our teaching alliance or from elsewhere
  • We are a small provider who are able to support you through bespoke programmes where needed
  • Access additional training that will advance your career in the direction you choose
  • Explore a career pathway that can be achieved right here in our family of schools or further afield
  • You will be supported by a school subject tutor and mentor
  • Work with your placement school to identify areas that can support your career pathway
  • We provide opportunities to build networks with fellow trainees

ELEYSP provide ‘a careful introduction of teaching’ through a wide and varied support network

ELEYSP ensure you:

  • Receive day to day mentoring
  • Are supported from a senior leader in your placement school
  • Buddy-up with your peers in your placement and within your home school
  • Have access to specialist support from experienced practitioners to discuss key themes in depth
  • Good quality teaching knowledge, theory and pastoral support from your university tutors
  • Can access their support so ELEYSP can advocate on your behalf
  • Engage with other trainees and embrace the supportive network and emotional support they can provide.

ELEYSP are based in East London and provide a training experience that will build a robust teaching career

ELEYSP will:

  • Provide a challenging experience that will ensure you develop a strong foundation for your teaching career
  • Allow you to teach in a local school that supports your local community
  • Experience a wide range of challenges that come with teaching in a modern, international city
  • UEL is our accredited partner and they are rated ‘good’ by Ofsted
  • Students have full access to UEL student support services and facilities
  • Enable you to experience a truly diverse teaching and pupil community
  • Our PGCE team is comprised of experienced practitioners who have come from a variety of educational backgrounds
  • Illustrate how diversity within the school community enriches the teaching experience 
  • Support you to understand how to teach so that all children, no matter their background, have the ability to learn and achieve good outcomes

ELEYSP provide a wide range of experience in Early Years.

If you are interested in Early Years, ELEYSP support you to:

  • Experience and understand how our Early Years provision in our nurseries and schools use ‘learning through play’ and a playful approach to learning to achieve high quality and excellent outcomes.
  • Experience and train in one of Newham’s outstanding nurseries and reception classes, whose principles and philosophies are based on ‘learning through play’
  • Gain access to a range of specialism available in the borough (Ronald Openshaw Nursery Education Centre - RONEC Newham’s special needs hub)
  • Train in long and short placements in a range of outstanding nurseries and reception classes, enabling you to find a placement that suits you.
  • Meet other Early Years trainees so you can enjoy learning about Early Years practice together.

ELEYSP can provide experience of a range of diverse special needs educational provision

ELEYSP support you to:

  • Understand how SEND and SEMH needs can be delivered in a range of different types of schools
  • Gain SEND experience in an autism provision
  • Experience teaching in an ‘all through’ SEMH school so understand SEMH provision in both primary and secondary school
  • Teach in an inclusive environment that supports SEND in mainstream schools, alongside their peers
  • Access a network of special schools both in and out of the borough
  • Learn from other teachers and specialist practitioners who work with SEND children daily
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