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We have a  track record of 100% of trainees into employment post qualification.

We contribute 20% of trainees' salary costs to the employing school.

ELEYSP support trainees to determine and fulfil a career pathway

ELEYSP provide ‘a careful introduction of teaching’ through a wide and varied support network

ELEYSP ensure that trainees:

  • Are supported from day one, making induction easier for your school
  • Receive programme support from the teaching alliance to make the transition from theoretical knowledge to practical training easier
  • Know who and how to access the different types of support available from all the partners in the training programme e.g. university tutor, ELEYSP lead, mentor and school
  • Have an opportunity to meet regularly with experts in a school setting to understand key themes.

ELEYSP provide a wide range of experience in Early Years

ELEYSP support you to:

  • Embed a trainee into your school and ensure they have links to a range of other Early Years provision so they are well supported.
  • Improve your links with outstanding Early Years provision in the borough
  • Gain access to additional short-term and longer-term resources in your school on a regular, or ad hoc basis - whatever suits your needs e.g. a week’s placement for 1 day a week
  • Add value to your existing Early Years provision in your school.

ELEYSP can provide experience of a range of diverse special needs educational provision

ELEYSP support you to:

  • Progress the understanding of how important it is to train new and existing teachers about how children with SEND and SEMH learn
  • Raise the importance of SEND and SEMH in your school
  • Increase the support in your school around SEND and SEMH
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