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PEAL is a fantastic way to improve your leadership capabilities while creating and sharing best practice.

Deborah Strain, Head Teacher, Gainsborough Primary School, Newham

Deborah Strain worked in collaboration with leaders from Star Primary, Hallsville Primary and Little Ilford School, to assess the impact of Gainsborough Primary School’s CPD on developing professional dialogue and using research to improve outcomes and progress.

Through the Peer Review And Learning (PEAL) process, Deborah built on her self-evaluation process for her own CPD and invited colleagues from the other schools to come in and support her to check in and “open up thoughts about next steps” for improving processes in her school.

Deborah really valued the opportunity to participate in PEAL and particularly appreciated how it helped her to evaluate the impact of the school’s own processes through an objective pair of eyes as this supported all the staff to look at their development and CPD needs in a completely different light.

As part of the process, Deborah had the chance to see her school’s teachers talk to senior leaders from other schools. This meant she could experience first-hand the excitement of her teachers’ articulating how the impact of their learning was not only benefiting themselves, but also the difference it was making to children’s learning.

“PEAL really made us think. It’s helped us keep this learning at the forefront of our minds, and therefore supported us to signpost our teams back to what they’d learnt. Being part of the ELEYSP has meant we are part of a supportive, collaborative group where there is a focus on evaluative thinking. There was a good level of challenge through this process but it also allowed us a different way of assessing and evaluating the impact and journey within our own professional development.”

Deborah Strain, Head teacher, Gainsborough Primary, Newham

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